My goal as a coach is to create space for individuals to be more and not to do more.  Most people today are moving so quickly that they don’t take time to focus on themselves. To learn more about what makes them unique.

We need to be mindful and take time to think slow. To take time for ourselves. To learn more about who we are, embrace our fears and celebrate all that we are. I truly believe that everyone needs the opportunity to process what they are going through in life. By doing so, you are able to see things differently, to focus more on how you are showing up in your life and to realize the importance of looking inwards within yourself if you want to be your best self.


Many times people are moving so quickly through their lives that they don’t stop to think about their needs, their health and wellbeing or their goals.  People have to be courageous, embrace vulnerability and learn how to love themselves, imperfections and all.  This takes work and it’s exciting work! There is truly nothing more freeing or rewarding then realizing what has been holding you back and learning how to get out of your own way in life.  We tend not to realize how our own beliefs and thoughts restrict our ability to lead fulfilling lives.

Personal development coaching provides individuals with the opportunity to achieve greater self-awareness and identity, to focus on how they can realize their dreams and aspirations and truly be their best self. 


Being a leader involves coaching those who work with you, providing developmental opportunities to support their careers and empowering them to be their best.  This may sound simple and those we have ever been in leadership roles knows this is not easy.  Leaders are being asked to do more with less resources, manage large teams, be responsible for complex operations and do so with a high level of excellence.  I provide coaching to leaders at all levels in order to create space to focus on their own development, self-care and goals.  Many individuals in leadership positions are moving so fast everyday that they don’t stop to take a breath. To think about what they may need to do differently in their approach to achieve better results. To reflect on their own beliefs, behaviors and actions and learn how small changes can have an extremely positive impact on their stress levels, satisfaction and on their life as a whole.


Organizations are focusing more on developing leaders who are effective coaches, achieve exemplary results and build effective relationships all at the same time.   Organizations need to invest in their leaders and provide the opportunity for them to learn the principles and skills that are required to lead the workforce of the future.

Leadership consulting includes helping organizations create the framework for effective leadership development, evaluating what group and individual development is needed for their leadership team and executing flawlessly.  

I believe that many leaders lean out when they should lean in.  Accountability is a word that may be spoken although leaders tend not to know how to empower their team members to be accountable.  I am a change agent who thrives on identifying what may be holding an organization back and working side by side with the leadership team to embrace their full potential.  I can help you lean into the discomfort in order to achieve amazing results and create space where people feel valued, respected and thrive each and every day.


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