As organizations seek to be agile and respond to market conditions, the best recognize that successful change depends on establishing the right ‘career deal’ with each segment of your workforce.


Career can be defined as a series of work experiences, shaping and shaped by an individual’s sense of identity and worth, in the organization and beyond.

Leadership consulting is a structured approach to developing capabilities, tools and resources in an organization, which will enable people to navigate this career ‘journey’ successfully. It is through these individual journeys that an organization builds its capability and its ability to change, so an organization’s approach to career is critical to its success.

Our approach to leadership consulting is based on a partnership approach, recognizing that both the individual and the organization are seeking benefit from the partnership. Articulating what career means in an organization is critical.

What are the benefits?

An effective career strategy builds an agile and engaged workforce.

Focusing on developing leadership will:

  • Improve resourcing by attracting talent, underpinning internal mobility and enabling flexible working

  • Grow capability by increasing people’s motivation to learn, and by supporting on-the-job learning

  • Inspire performance by equipping managers with the skills to engage and develop people

  • Support change by giving people confidence to alter their work