May 12, 2018


Michiana Forty under 40 shines the spotlight on 40 of the region's most talented and dedicated  young executives, professionals and leaders who demonstrate career success and community engagement.

The 2018 class will represent the 12th Michiana Forty under 40 class with 440 leaders already receiving recognition. This program is an annual collaborative effort between the South Bend Regional Chamber, the Young Professionals Network South Bend and other partners in the Michiana region.

Tracy Braman
Age: 39

Birthplace: Lansing, Ill.

City of Residence: Dowagiac

Education/training: B.S. in management, Northern Illinois University; MBA, Michigan State University; and SPHR-SCP, CHHR and ICF certifications.

Current job(s): Executive director, HR at Lakeland Health; owner of Buoyancy, LLC.; leadership accelerator coaching lead for

Best professional accomplishment:
I am most proud of becoming the person I am today. I have grown immensely the past three years as an individual based on a significant shift in my life and focusing on what truly matters. Because of this shift I have gotten out of my own way. I am sharing my voice in ways that I was afraid to before. I have started my own business and my own blog. The blog is what I am proudest of. Sharing who I am with the world in a way that has inspired me and has the opportunity to inspire others every single day.

What’s inspiring you now?
My brother. He was involved in a car accident the day after my wedding three years ago. He spent over 60 days in the hospital and has had over 30 surgeries since then. His attitude, perseverance and outlook on life inspires me and always will. ... When I see him today and how far he has come I am inspired to say the least.

Most people don’t know ...
I am an extreme introvert. Most people misunderstand this and think that this means that I don’t like interacting with people. It just means I get energy from spending time by myself.

Favorite hidden gem in Michiana:
Magician Lake. This is where I live and the reason I moved to southwest Michigan. My family has had a cottage on this lake since before I was born. I am a lake girl at heart and living on the water and being able to have such an amazing career is the best of both worlds.

Currently reading ...
“Multidimensional Executive Coaching” by Ruth Orenstein; “Presence” by Amy Cuddy; “Discipline Your Mind” by Zoe McKey; “Dying for a Paycheck” by Jeffrey Pfeffer; “Creating a Coaching Culture” by Peter Hawkins; and “Manager as Coach” by Jenny Rogers.

Problem trying to solve:

I see opportunity in shifting the role of the leader in organizations to that of a coach. I am passionate about supporting individuals in getting out of their own way. I like to provide space for people to see how their own language and words that they use with people around them, as well as their self-talk, are negatively impacting their ability to show up in their life in the most meaningful and inspiring way.

Originally published in the South Bend Tribune.

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Braman talks family, perspective at Mendel Center

Tracy Cornerstone.jpg

Tracy Braman, executive director of Human Resources at Lakeland Health, speaks during a Small Business Day event Wednesday at Lake Michigan College's Mendel Center. 

Don Campbell / HP staff

May 3, 2018 

BENTON TOWNSHIP — Standing on stage with microphone in hand, it came as a surprise to the audience that Tracy Braman was an introvert.

As the executive director of Human Resources at Lakeland Health, Braman shared some personal stories Wednesday to a room full of attendees at Lake Michigan College’s Mendel Center. Braman was the keynote speaker as part of Small Business Day, which was organized by the Women’s Business Center at Cornerstone Alliance.

“Quiet people have the loudest minds. I am an extreme introvert, like 19 out of 21 on the scale,” she said. “It’s not that I don’t like people, I just get my energy from me.”

The self-proclaimed tomboy gave audience members a glimpse at her life through a slideshow presentation and many anecdotes.

Braman moved to Southwest Michigan about 10 years ago from the Chicago area to be closer to Lake Michigan. She talked about her family, her competitiveness and awkward teenage years in which she felt judged.

One of her life’s mantras centers around buoyancy. It’s a word she often uses in her blog and her business that is used for executive coaching.

“The reason for buoyancy is about being grounded about who I am. But it’s also about dealing with the ebb and flow, the changing tides in life,” she said. “A buoy never leaves its place.”

Braman spoke about her teenage years and when she was told she looked different. Among the photos she showed was one where she likened herself to the “Saturday Night Live” character “Pat,” in which it was unclear if the character was male or female.

She began to question herself in high school and part of college. Braman said she became “hardened.”


Originally published in the Herald Palladium