Tracy’s creation and integration of an Alumni-driven Coaching Partnership as a complement to the Leadership Accelerator has proven to be an invaluable addition to our program. The Coaching Partnership, under her leadership, has fortified the experience intra- and inter-session for the Leadership Accelerator participants, while continuing to add value for our LA Alumni in their networking, community engagement, and ongoing development. We look forward to evolving this partnership with Tracy further, as it’s clear the value to both coaches and coachees is unique and beneficial-- personally and professional. 

Autumn Carolla

Program Director, Leadership Accelerator

I have worked in the Human Resource space for over 30 years and have had the opportunity to work with many coaches.  Tracy Braman is by far, the best coach I have ever worked with.  Tracy has the ability to listen and understand the person she’s working with and not just ask the right questions to allow for self-discovery but direct the clients to the right tools and resources to help with both personal and professional self-improvements.  Tracy is both direct and compassionate in providing feedback and is insightful in knowing when to push and when to pull.  Tracy has a good sense of humor, which makes coaching sessions both meaningful and enjoyable.  I highly recommend Tracy to anyone who is looking to move beyond their comfort zone and ready to reach their full potential.

HR Executive

Non-Profit Sector 

Tracy is one of those unique storytellers with the ability to inspire regardless of your race, age and gender. Tracy’s relatability strengthens her message of finding happiness within yourself and will leave you wishing your children could hear the same message.  

Rob Cleveland

President of Cornerstone Alliance 

Tracy Braman's approach to coaching brought me great benefits. She took the time to gather face-to-face feedback on my leadership in a 360-degree approach. This meaningful feedback gave me information that I could act upon immediately. Tracy's ability to ask thought provoking questions assisted me in better understanding situations and resolving them quickly. Her gentle challenging of my assumptions helped me identify blind spots that could be addressed. Tracy followed up our sessions with concrete tools and suggestions, encouraging me to keep on track. I highly recommend Tracy as an executive coach.

Vice President

Non-Profit Sector